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Dreams Early Access Ends On Dec. 7; Awards Show For Creators Coming In January

Ever since that bizarre reveal trailer from 2015, we haven't been able to stop asking questions about Media Molecule's newest project. Dreams, despite its simple name, might be one of the most complex games to come out of this generation. It's been in an early access period for most of 2019, but that's about to come to an end. When Dec. 7 rolls around, you won't be able to purchase Dreams Early Access from the PlayStation Store anymore. However, in celebration of early access coming to a close, the developers will be hosting the IMPY Awards on Jan. 26.


You can catch the IMPY Awards on a live Twitch stream, where the developers will highlight some of the best creators on Dreams. In total, 21 awards will be handed out during the ceremony, but it's the players who decide the nominees. Starting Monday, Dec. 9, Media Molecule will open up nominations to the community.

Fifteen of the awards, like Creator of the Year, Best Narrative, and Best Voice Acting, will be decided by a panel of judges, but the developers haven't forgotten about the community voice. After all, Dreams only exists the way it does because of the players and creators out there. Six awards will be decided by a community vote, and these include superlatives like Most Helpful Dreamer, Favorite Streamer, and the coveted I-Wish-I-Had-Thought-Of-That Award.


After Dreams Early Access leaves the PlayStation Store, players who already bought it can still keep playing the game after Dec. 7. To seal the deal, that Early Access version will upgrade to the full release when it comes out, completely free of charge. We don't quite know when Dreams will have a full launch, but the developers at Media Molecule are hard at work fixing bugs from the feedback they got in the past year. If you think about it, an awards show wouldn't be a bad place to announce a release date, whether it's The Game Awards or the IMPYs.