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Monster Hunter: World's Newest Trailer Features Aloy, Horizon Zero Dawn Gear

The Monster Hunter series is no stranger to collaborating with other games, and right now, we're in the midst of a three-part collaborative event. This time around, Capcom has turned to Guerrilla Games, known for its recent work on Horizon Zero Dawn, to bring Aloy into Monster Hunter: World.


The first round of content started in November, but more content will drop on Dec. 13 and Dec. 27. Both updates will add quests and gear from the Horizon Zero Dawn universe.

On Dec. 13, you'll find a quest that has you tackle the Stygian Zinogre, which happens to already be in Monster Hunter: World as of Dec. 5. No one's stopping you from practicing against it ahead of time. When you complete the crossover quest, you'll earn materials that can make the Shield-Weaver+ armor set for your hunter. You'll also be able to upgrade the Stormslinger from the first round of content, making it even deadlier for all those monsters you'll hunt.

Don't worry, Capcom hasn't forgotten about your Palico. You'll also be able to craft the Frostclaw α+ Palico armor set, along with the Forgefire α+ Palico weapon. By equipping these, your cute little buddy will look just like a miniature Frostclaw from Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds. Of course, this Frostclaw won't be nearly as terrifying as the ones Aloy has to slay.


The next collaborative quest will drop on Dec. 27, and its rewards include the Banuk α+ armor set, Aloy's Adept War Bow, some more Palico gear, and some more pendants.

If you want a good look at all this gear, check out this trailer that Capcom published today, and spoiler alert: Aloy fights a Savage Deviljho in this one.

If you want some Horizon Zero Dawn in your Monster Hunter: World, definitely jump on these quests as they come out. This limited time event will disappear on Jan. 9, so don't sleep on it.