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The Funniest Red Dead Redemption 2 Bugs Of 2019

Red Dead Redemption 2 is undeniably a masterpiece of programming, but even the best of games have their bugs. It's well known that the PC port was facing some pretty infamous issues that Rockstar had to scramble to fix, but even the original console game has some problems. We'll be forgiving, however, because sometimes these mistakes, bugs, and glitches are downright hilarious. 


Horse pants

In the first Red Dead Redemption game, one of the most famous, laugh-out-loud glitches was the Donkey Lady. A couple players filmed the surreal experience of hopping on the back of a female NPC that seemed to think she was actually a donkey. Admittedly, she ran, brayed, and acted exactly like a burrow might. The sequel game made a macabre memorial to the Donkey Lady, placing the skull of a donkey on the body of a decaying woman. Yikes, Rockstar. Yikes. 


The apparent "horse pants" glitch is arguably even funnier. Reddit user txkels13 posted a strange video in the Red Dead Online subreddit. In it, we see their custom character riding fast, floating above a... pair of pants. Rather than a horse between their bowlegs, there was a galloping pair of disembodied pants running as fast as any stallion might, its knees lifting comically high. Apparently, after a visit to the Post Office, they found that their horse had transformed into... pants. To reverse this metamorphosis, they had to go to a stable. 

But hey, at least the pants were just as speedy as any real horse.

Moonwalking in the mud

The mud and snow in Red Dead Redemption 2 was praised for being incredibly realistic — you can watch as Arthur leaves footprints in the snow. Did you know, however, that these can serve as a serious hazard? Slipping and falling in the mud is apparently a serious issue, if the following glitch is anything to go by. 


YouTuber High605 posted a brief video showing the Van Der Linde gang having some issues with the mud in their camp. It starts with character models moonwalking, slowly going sideways before they start to spin horizontally. Micah tries and fails to saunter up to Arthur, but doesn't seem to have any issue casually chatting as he spins faster and faster. It genuinely looks as if someone with an interesting sense of humor decided to mess with the gravity.

Hi there mister

There are a number of ghosts in Red Dead Redemption 2, but this glitch proves there is one more. Rather than spooky voices in the woods or an all-knowing Stranger, this ghost looks like any old NPC, right up until the moment he disappears. 


In a quick clip posted by YouTuber Yeawh, we see Arthur riding up beside an NPC and calling, "Hi there, mister." The mister in question promptly disappears, horse and all. Maybe Arthur was just that stinky after forgoing a bath for so long. It's pretty surreal, and hilarious, to see this person blink out of existence.