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Destiny 2 Will Reward You For Baking Cookies

There's never a bad time to farm for exotics in Destiny 2, but Bungie wants to offer players one more reason to play its sci-fi shooter during the holidays. The Dawning will return to the game this year, bringing joy, tasty treats, and a new gun.


Destiny 2 players on every platform will have access to the free event, which will feature all sorts of goodies to earn and collect. You can catch up with Eva in the Tower, who needs help gathering ingredients for her Holiday Oven to bake some cookies. Completing these missions will net you rewards like a new ship or Sparrow design. You can also unlock rewards from 2018's event, so, if you missed out last year, you can take another crack at it this holiday season.

The update introduces a new submachine gun: Cold Front. The weapon features a pretty slick white and blue motif along with gold accents. You'll also find some fancy cosmetics for your Guardian to don, including skates and the Northlight armor ornaments. Your Ghost won't be left out of the festivities either, as you can slap a Yuletide skin on it as well.


Destiny 2 isn't the only live-service game celebrating the end of the year with festive cheer. Overwatch brought back its annual Winter Wonderland event, while Pokemon Go launched a month-long event that includes a Pikachu wearing a Santa hat and several Legendary Pokemon to catch. 

The Dawning starts Dec. 17 and runs until Jan. 14 of next year. Even after the holidays end in the real world, you'll still have time to reap some festive rewards. Bungie has not shared plans to introduce unique Destiny 2 content via the special event, likely due to the recent launch of Season of Dawn. The Sundial, Destiny 2's new PvE mode, kicked off earlier this week.