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Fable 4 - What We Know So Far

We only had thin rumors and speculation to work with in the past, but now it seems likely that Fable 4 is happening. Despite the fact that series developer Lionhead closed its doors back in 2017, Microsoft apparently believes a fourth game could and should still be produced. Details of the rumored title appeared on Reddit just before E3 2019, giving longtime fans hope that the Fable franchise was still alive. And it seems Forza Horizon developer Playground Studios is reportedly working on this long-awaited sequel and adding in some unprecedented features, meaning Fable 4 could be very different from its predecessors.


Here's what we know so far about the next chapter in the Fable series.

When will Fable 4 release?

Unfortunately, it's going to be a long time before we get to play Fable 4. Microsoft has yet to announce that the game is even in development, and VP of Gaming Phil Spencer said that it's Microsoft's policy not to announce games unless they have some idea as to when they will be released. 


It could be that Fable 4 is a next-gen title for the Xbox Series X. If so, we'll likely learn more come E3 2020, just months before the console's release window of Holiday 2020.

What will Fable 4's gameplay be like?

According to the aforementioned leak, things are going to be very different in Albion. Albion is, in fact, gone altogether. There are different planets, new places, and new faces along with the in-depth character creator we've always wanted. Players can choose to roam the completely open world in first or third person. And you'll have to arm yourself the old fashioned way for your adventures, because Fable 4 will not have guns. 


You'll reportedly have complete control of your adventure, by the way. Rumors state that players will be able to ignore the main questline and galavant off on their own to build towns and even delve into multiplayer. We don't know what that multiplayer aspect will consist of just yet, but we're definitely eager to find out.

Which characters will be in Fable 4?

Since the worlds you knew and loved have fallen into fable, forgotten after their total destruction, don't expect too many familiar faces. If leaks are to be believed, then there will be just a few mainstays making the return to Fable 4. Theresa, enduring as always, is apparently safe and sound with the rest of the Heroes Guild on a wholly different planet. Antagonist Jack of Blades will also be making an appearance, but he's not the the main worry players will have to contend with. 


Outside of those names, we don't have much to share as far as characters are concerned.

What rumors are there about Fable 4?

Almost everything we know about Fable 4, including its apparent existence, can be chalked up to rumor. That said, it's probably safe to believe the rumor that Fable 4 will be an Xbox exclusive. Microsoft owns the franchise, and doesn't have near the number of exclusives that PlayStation enjoys. Fable 4 might be Xbox's God of War, though the odds are good we'd also see the new Fable adventure come to PC.


To know for sure, though, we'll have to actually get a Fable 4 announcement. That hasn't happened yet.

What is the Fable 4 story?

In a leak about Fable 4, we were told that the wish-granting Spire from Fable 2 was used in the new game by a Mad King to destroy the planet with an asteroid. The main quest of Fable 4 takes place eons later, when Albion and Aurora are nothing more than fables. Another asteroid is on the way, so it's up to you and the power of time travel to prevent tragedy from striking once again. Theresa and the Heroes Guild are safely hiding out on another planet. You can give them visit through a demon door.


Confused? We are too. This leak gives us a whole lot to process. We'll see how accurate it is once Fable 4 is confirmed for release.