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These PlayStation 5 Rumors Are Totally Bogus

There is no shortage of video game rumors on the internet. Many come from forums like Resetera or Reddit, and many of those rumors turn out to be nonsense. But when a video game publication says it has dirt — like one did about the PlayStation 5's release date and price — we're inclined to pay a little more attention. That doesn't always mean, however, that the information is right.


According to DualShockers, a Japanese gaming website called Gamers Gate reported earlier today that it had the goods on the PlayStation 5; more specifically, when it would launch and how much it would cost. The site reported that the PS5 would arrive on Dec. 4, 2020 and would actually come in two different versions. A $600 standard model would be the entry-level machine, or the one most gamers would likely spring for. And then there would be a Pro model, presumably with more power, that would be priced at roughly $1,000.

If you're good with your gaming history, you might recall the backlash against the PlayStation 3's initial $600 price point. Sony pricing a lower-tier model at that level while offering a far more expensive version at a grand? That seems absolutely insane. And apparently Sony thought so, too, because the company didn't offer the typical "we don't comment on rumors and speculation" line when contacted by Japanese website Famitsu; it flat-out said those rumors were false.


We're undoubtedly going to hear more rumors about the PlayStation 5's release date and price in the future — especially now that Microsoft has actually shown off the Xbox Series X. And you can count on fake info making its way to those aforementioned places — Resetera, Reddit — as people use the information vacuum to try and nab some attention for themselves. We don't know when the PS5 is coming out or how much it'll cost. But if you're a PlayStation fan, you can rest easy knowing that there probably won't be either a $600 or a $1,000 PlayStation 5 in the future.