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This Piece Of PlayStation History Could Sell For Millions

Do you remember how Sony got into the video game business? It came as a result of a failed partnership with Nintendo; one that would've seen the two companies collaborate on CD-ROM capabilities for the Super Nintendo. Those plans fell through, however, and — well, the rest is history. Sony went on to build the PlayStation, which took the world by storm.


But evidence of that aborted partnership still remains in a console that, for years, collected dust in the attic of one Terry Diebold. In February, this relic of video game history will be auctioned off to the highest bidder.

The "Play Station," as it was dubbed by Sony, is expected to fetch a pretty penny when it goes on sale Feb. 27. Diebold, whose son stumbled upon the treasure years after he'd purchased it from a former Sony executive, seems to think that number could be pretty darn high.

"We turned down 1.2 million from someone in Norway," Diebold told Kotaku, explaining that — if he accepted that amount — he wouldn't have much left after paying taxes, splitting the earnings with his son, and paying off his debts.


We don't know about you, but we wouldn't have turned that down. And we're not trying to start any intra-family feuds here, but how exactly does the son lay claim to half of the money? Did he buy the console?

At any rate, it sure looks to us like Diebold thinks he can do better than $1.2 million. And he might be onto something. If there are people out there willing to pay over $100,000 for a copy of Super Mario Bros., there could be a soul out there who's willing to drop millions on the console that never was; the one that effectively brought the PlayStation brand into existence.

We'll keep an eye on this auction and let you know what the "Play Station" fetches.