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Fortnite Players Are Reportedly In For A Snowy Surprise

Has it been a while since you've logged into Fortnite? The current season is pretty much at a standstill now, having been extended to February. But it looks like Epic Games isn't done adding updates that change the world of its battle royale shooter.


Players jumping in for post-holiday shenanigans are discovering that a heaping helping of snow — the blizzard kind — is now falling onto the Fortnite: Chapter 2 map. As you can imagine, visibility is incredibly low during this snowfall, with players looking out into the beyond and having a very hard time seeing what's out there.

You can practically feel the chill just looking at it.

The question many seem to have is, what does this blizzard mean? Could it be ushering in some kind of significant change in the near future? Or is it just for fun?


In past seasons, Fortnite has typically introduced some kind of world-altering event that actually starts off as something more insignificant. For instance, you could see a storm brewing far off in the distance last year, long before that storm dropped a massive amount of snow onto the island. That storm brought with it a glacier that collided with the island, as well, heralding the arrival of the Ice King and slew of related challenges and cosmetics.

Believe it or not, this blizzard could be the start of such a transformation. Over the next few weeks, we could see the snow continue to accumulate, eventually leading up to some kind of major event that ties this current season to the next. Before you ask, however, we're not sure what kind of event that might be.

We'll be keeping an eye on Fortnite to look for any signs that more could be on the way. If we see anything interesting pop up, we'll definitely let you know.