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The PlayStation Store Just Leaked This Big Demo

Oops. We're not sure if Square Enix meant for this big news to be announced so soon. Final Fantasy 7: Remake will apparently be receiving a demo ahead of release. This news comes from leaked art meant for the PlayStation Store.


The Final Fantasy 7: Remake will be much different than the original game. For one, players won't have to put up with blocky, polygonal art and instead will have a graphically gorgeous world on par with 2016's Final Fantasy 15. Then there's the fact that the remake will be divided into three games. Yes, three. The story has been stretched to sprawl across this trilogy, but devs have promised that it wouldn't feel stretched. Each iteration will have plenty of content to explore.

Square Enix hadn't said anything about a demo, however. Final Fantasy 7 Remake is set to release on March 3, 2020, but we're unsure as to how soon this apparent demo will be coming out. We imagine it makes sense to release the demo before the actual game comes out, however, so sometime in January or February seems like a safe bet.


Here's what we do know: Gamestat clocked the demo's addition to the PlayStation Store, but Square Enix has kept mum. We know that the second of the three games is now in development. Everything else is just hoping. Whenever this demo comes out — if that's truly Square Enix's intention — players will be able to get a taste of the Remake before its release. Rather than just going off of reviews from critics, players will be able to judge the new graphics, gameplay, and story elements for themselves.

Final Fantasy 7 is a cult classic, so die-hard fans are seriously invested in the success and performance of this Remake. Now it looks like they'll get to find out if it holds up to the original before March 2020.