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Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Plagued By Bugs

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare players received a host of bugs in their stockings this Christmas.

Players on both the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare forums and subreddit have reported a bug preventing them from earning XP during multiplayer matches. While the problem does not seem to affect everyone, the cause has proven difficult to pin down. Sometimes it impacts an entire multiplayer lobby; at other times, only a single person has their XP limited. 


The bug also seems to influence gun camo progress, stopping progress meters from moving despite players earning XP and completing kill objectives. Reportedly, both problems only occur for a short time, with XP eventually appearing, though, this has not happened for everyone.

Redditor ProP777 highlighted another frustrating Modern Warfare bug that resulted in the player being killed by an explosion despite standing safely on the other side of a wall. It's unclear whether the user who killed them was aware of the bug; however, the unusual circumstances shown in the accompanying clip imply they had some knowledge of the exploit and used it to their advantage in the match.

Both Infinity Ward and Activision usually stay on top of bugs discovered by players on Reddit; however, the companies have yet to respond or release an update on either issue. The proximity to Christmas and New Year's likely accounts for the delay, and players may not see a fix until sometime next week.


Despite the issues that have popped up, Modern Warfare is poised to become the most successful entry in the Call of Duty franchise. Prior to December, the game had already brought in over $1 billion in sales. The game's launch weekend accounted for $600 million of that impressive figure. Activision also shared earlier this month that players had logged over 500 million hours of multiplayer across 300 million matches.