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The Real Reason Developers Love The PlayStation 5

We're just a year away from the release of the PlayStation 5. We don't even know what this thing looks like, but Sony has assured us that it's going to be amazing. It's allegedly "the world's fastest console," after all. Shuhei Yoshida, who serves as head of Sony's Independent Developer Initiative, has now gone on to say that developers are already in love with the PlayStation 5.


In an interview with Dengeki PlayStation magazine, translated by the folks at DualShockers, Yoshida said developers have told Sony the PS5 is the easiest console to work with ever. This ease of use was prioritized by Sony after developers had trouble with the PlayStation 3, according to Yoshida. The PS4 tried, and succeeded, in avoiding this user-unfriendly approach and managed to make a console that developers actually liked. The PlayStation 5 apparently takes this a step further in minimizing load times.

The PlayStation 5 will make use of a solid state drive (SSD) which will halve — or even quarter — load times altogether. This is likely the secret behind its alleged lightning quick performance and why devs are delighting in it. In an interview with GamingBolt, Chameleon Games studio head Omar Sawi explained how an SSD would make dev's jobs easier.


"Because loading times are a pain. And it's hard to mask them away," Sawi said. "We had to think very hard about it on current gen, because we didn't want loading screens. So we had to design levels around that, for example making a tunnel a bit longer than necessary or creating an intermediary cave level so the next big level would load in time without a loading screen, since a regular HD is quite slow. An SSD would make it easier to focus on what is the most fun."

That ability to focus on the fun rather than hardware limitations is why developers are loving the PlayStation 5. (Despite the fact that the apparent dev kit looks weird.)