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This Pokemon Labo Game Is Only Coming To Japan

No fair! The cardboard cutout playsets made for the Nintendo Switch aren't very appreciated here in the West, but hey — they're for kids. Nintendo has made little engineering projects that allow for kids (and adults) to utilize the Switch's HD rumble and motion controls to play piano, fish, and even fight cardboard mechs. Now it's Pokemon's turn to get a Labo set.


A Japanese magazine called Yochien, which is aimed at itty bitty kindergarteners, will come loaded with a cardboard Pikachu, Eevee, and Bulbasaur in March. Their design might be familiar; it turns out this is part of a crossover with Pokemon Quest, the adorably blocky spin off game. They appear to work similarly to the bug-like "RC car" from the variety kit, as kids can attach their JoyCons onto the sides of their chosen Pokemon and watch as they wiggle across the floor. There are also these ramps that the Pokemon appear to be able to slide up and down.

Our Japanese is rusty, but it looks like that in order to embark on this Pokemon Labo adventure, players need to have a Nintendo Switch and the Nintendo Labo Variety Kit. Oh, and access to Yochien magazine when March rolls around. Yochien is available in Japan, but not the US, much to the ire of Pokemon fans. We would totally love the chance to race around little cardboard Pikachus. 


One of the big criticisms of the Nintendo Labo was the fact that it seemed to be pretty pricey for a stack of cardboard cutouts. The price does, of course, include the software. But still: $70 for a bunch of cardboard? In comparison, this magazine bonus comes as a serious deal. Maybe if players are desperate enough, the price of shipping a copy of Yochien to the US would be worth it.