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This Nintendo Switch VR Mockup Makes Labo Look Silly

Remember the excitement surrounding VR on the Nintendo Switch? That was back when a VR patent surfaced for the concept, back before we got Labo VR. Yeah, Labo VR was pretty disappointing. But Nintendo's VR play could have been so much better. In fact, it would have been, had it looked more like this mockup.


Feast your eyes on Nintendo Switch VR, a product that, for now, exists only in our dreams.

Nintendo Switch VR is a mockup created by the folks at YouTube channel Tech Blood, and it's the answer to the question, "What if Nintendo actually tried at VR?" The headset can be worn on your head without you having to hold it up. The Nintendo Switch slots in perfectly using the rails on the side of the system. The Joy-Cons are wireless VR controllers, sort of like PlayStation Move controllers are for PlayStation VR. And in classic Nintendo fashion, you can accessorize the Switch VR with themed head straps.

The major problem, of course, is the Switch's power. It really doesn't do VR that well, because it's essentially an underpowered tablet. But that's a problem that can easily be rectified with a Nintendo Switch Pro. If Nintendo can put out a more powerful piece of hardware, that makes the idea of a dedicated Nintendo Switch VR headset seem much more plausible.


But good news: there are rumors that Nintendo plans on issuing a better Switch! We don't know when we might see the new console, or how much more powerful it'll be. But it seems likely we could see a Switch Pro sometime in the next year or two.

As for Nintendo Switch VR? We'll have to keep holding out hope for something like it to arrive. Labo VR was a cheap, half-hearted effort at VR on the Nintendo Switch. There's definitely room for improvement, and if Nintendo can create something like the mockup above, it would go a long way toward establishing the Switch as a true VR platform.