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There's Another Big Final Fantasy 7 Remake Leak Out There

Oops! (Again.) The Final Fantasy 7 Remake has been plagued with leaks lately. It started with the demo art — and therefore the existence of a demo – leaking on the PlayStation Store. Now the first few minutes of the demo have been leaked.


If you're worried about spoilers, there's not much to worry about. The first few minutes posted online consist of the cinematic intro. To start, we see Aerith (with her usual basket of flowers) walking the gritty streets of Midgar city. No one there seems to appreciate flowers like she does.

We get a taste of all the action to come when we get a birds-eye view of the sprawling city. Cloud is atop a speeding train headed for the Mako Reactor. The flavor text pulls no punches, informing us that the Reactor is going to be destroyed. But hey, it's a game from 1997.

As far as gameplay goes, we get to see Cloud take about two steps forward, and that's about it. Apparently a few people have been able to download the demo by not-so-standard means and install it, but not play it. Thus we have to take the word of the lucky few who have been able to play it in terms of how the gameplay shakes out.


Industry insiders say that things are a bit different from the 1997 version of Final Fantasy 7. There are new voice actors, new special attacks, and intensely enhanced graphics. But some things never change: the Reactor layout is exactly the same and the materia system is apparently very similar, as well.

Interested in seeing the updates for yourself? It reportedly took a jailbroken PS4 in order to run the demo, and the whole game was also reportedly available before eventually being taken down. Square Enix might want to look into plugging up these leaks.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake releases on March 3, 2020.