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Super Mario Maker 2 Gets A Major Level Update

Super Mario Maker 2 is a game that has become something of an institution all on its own, surpassing even the original installment. The game allows players to design and play through their very own custom Super Mario Bros. levels and upload them for other players to try to conquer. Though Super Mario Maker 2 originally only allowed up to 32 courses to be uploaded by one at a time, that cap was eventually raised to 64 levels.

Now the more prolific course designers out there can rejoice, because Nintendo has raised that level cap yet again.

As a way of celebrating the milestone of ten million uploaded SMM2 courses, Nintendo announced on Twitter that players can now upload up to 100 courses. This is especially exciting when one considers that 100 courses was the limit in the original Super Mario Maker, meaning it's possible that SMM2 could possibly exceed the limits of its predecessor in the future.

Fan response to the announcement varied, with some users thanking Nintendo for the update. Others expressed their displeasure with Nintendo for seemingly allowing poorly-designed levels to be uploaded. Still, it cannot be overstated what a passionate following this game has.

Since its release, Super Mario Maker 2 has become a playground for mad genius designers to flex their muscles in the virtual world. Some of the most brutally difficult video game levels in history have sprung from the minds of SMM2 players. Ever wanted to send Mario careening into a wall of whirring saw blades? There's a level for you. 

A recent update added a power-up that transforms Mario into Link from The Legend of Zelda, which has presented a whole new set of skills for designers to utilize. In other words, with so many new design possibilities for Super Mario Maker 2 players, a larger number of uploads will only encourage players to take more exciting risks.