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Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Could Have Been Very Different

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order arrived in November 2019 to thunderous applause. "Finally, a good Star Wars game!" many said. What we didn't know then, however, was Respawn's take on the Star Wars universe could have looked a whole lot different had Lucasfilm gotten its way.


In an interview on the AIAS Game Maker's Notebook — a podcast about game development – Jedi: Fallen Order director Stig Asmussen shed some light on the kind of game Respawn wanted to do, and the kind of game Lucasfilm wanted to see.

"I pitched, 'Hey what if we do a game about Jedi and Force powers?'" Asmussen told the podcast.

But Lucasfilm — at least initially — wasn't having it.

"They were not super comfortable with that," he added, stating the company would've preferred something with "blasters or bounty hunters."

It seems Lucasfilm was not keen on seeing the Jedi potentially become lesser in the eyes of fans as a result of a bad game. When you consider EA's track record with past Star Wars titles, that fear is actually a little bit understandable.


But we know how the story went from that point forward. Respawn eventually won out, and Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order became one of the best Star Wars games in years.

"The Jedi is the Holy Grail. To make a game about Jedi you've got to earn it," Asmussen said. "There was a little bit of back and forth, but they could see where I was coming from and said, 'All right, we can start having a conversation about making a game about Force users, but not Jedi.' And then the game comes out and its name is Jedi."

It sure looks like Jedi: Fallen Order could be getting a sequel at some point in the future. We'll be crossing our fingers that it does, and should we hear anything about it, we'll let you know.