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Skyrim Meets Sekiro In This Awesome Mod

Good news for anyone who thinks the Dragonborn has it a little too easy: combat in Skyrim just became significantly more deadly. In a post to Reddit, user LertKush shared his in-progress Skyrim mod that has made some interesting adjustments to the core gameplay. This mod is named Skyrim Die Twice and it's nearly complete. 


Skyrim Die Twice combines Skyrim's usual melee combat with the parrying and dodging mechanics of 2019's Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice for a wholly unique experience. As seen in the short gameplay video posted to Reddit, there are clearly a few kinks to work out in terms of character animation. However, the combat system seems to be on the right track.

Rather than the usual slashing and occasional blocking seen in the normal version Skyrim, there are a few new moves in the Dragonborn's arsenal. In particular, players can now do a dodge roll that gets them around enemy attacks. In addition, melee combat now functions very similarly to Sekiro. Rather than simply wailing on enemies until they go down, players must be much more defensive and time their blows judiciously.


The player character and enemies will be able to block incoming blows, but this will eventually wear down their stamina. Tiring out your opponent is the key to landing any attacks. In other words, battle in Skyrim Die Twice requires much more patience and strategy than the original Skyrim. Tracking your opponent's stamina sounds daunting, but the mod includes some handy visual indicators added to the game's HUD that are likewise reminiscent of Sekiro's gameplay.

According to the Reddit thread and the gameplay video's description, Skyrim Dies Twice was created by tweaking the popular Skyrim mod "Ultimate Combat SE." The stated purpose of that mod was to make Skyrim feel more like a stylish action game. In other words, Skyrim Die Twice likely won't see a larger release unless LertKush receives the blessing of Ultimate Combat SE's creator.

Still, it's always wild to see a somewhat older game like Skyrim receiving a cool facelift like this. It's even cooler that the inspiration came from a game as recent as Sekiro. Check out the gameplay video and decide for yourself if you think you could survive Skyrim Die Twice.