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Destiny 2 Adds A Mysterious New Quest

With Destiny 2's Dawning event coming to an end today, we weren't expecting anything new for a few weeks. The next item on the roadmap is an exotic quest that's set to go live on Jan. 28. Bungie is known for surprises, though, and we got one today in the form of a mysterious new adventure.


Unfortunately, we have no idea what this quest entails or what's at the end of it. We didn't leave the details out of the title to be vague — we have no details.

All we know at the moment is that you can pick up this strange new mission by visiting Osiris on Mercury. He'll have a new quest waiting for you in his inventory; one that wasn't announced to players upon logging in and one Bungie failed to include on its roadmap. It invites you to "Explore the Corridors of Time" via the Sundial, and upon entry, you'll now notice that all the various doors leading to alternate Sundial paths are open.

Do you remember the Lost Woods from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time? That's essentially what the Corridors of Time are.


According to the folks over in Reddit's r/Raidsecrets community, players are to follow a path provided by symbols present on Destiny 2's Obelisks (which are basically terminals that reach into time and grab loot). And it seems these symbols change every hour; therefore, the path players should take through the Corridors of Time also change every hour.

At press time, a few paths have been followed leading players to a place called the Timelost Vault, which contains new lore items to pick up. Outside of that... we don't have much to go on. No one has completed the quest yet, so we're unsure if there is more to it, or what kind of reward might be waiting for players at the end of it.

We'll be sure to update should we learn more about the quest.