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19 Codes Later, Destiny 2 Players Are Still Trying To Solve This Puzzle

We wrote yesterday about a mysterious new quest added to Destiny 2. Over a day has passed since the quest became available, but despite its best efforts, the game's community has yet to solve the puzzle contained within it.


Even worse — most of the player base's most prestigious code-crackers seem genuinely lost.

Players discovered yesterday that symbols displayed on obelisks spread throughout the Destiny 2 universe were actually instructions. By entering the Corridors of Time — a secret area introduced in the game's Season of Dawn — players found they could enter doors with those symbols, following a path to eventually reach a place called the Timelost Vault.

Throughout the day yesterday and into the early morning hours of today, the symbols on the obelisks refreshed every hour, eventually giving players 19 different paths to travel in the Corridors of Time. But it seems all anyone has been able to recover from the exercise are lore pages. The quest has not been completed yet by any player, nor have any weapons or armor pieces been doled out as rewards.


Bungie has urged Destiny 2 fans to be patient.

It's safe to say there's a lot of intrigue around what's unfolding in Destiny 2's Corridors of Time. One particular item of interest is actually found in the Timelost Vault itself. There appears to be a grave with a sword on top of it, though it's not known at this time whose grave that might be, or why it's located in the Corridors. We suspect the details on that will be sussed out as players further solve the puzzle — if that happens.

There appear to be symbols on hexagonal shapes under the Timelost Vault that could potentially lead somewhere, too. Unfortunately, no one has been able to determine how they fit into the puzzle.

We'll definitely be keeping a close eye on this, and we'll let you know if anything changes.