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Switch Is Getting Another Impossible Port Next Month

How does the Nintendo Switch do it? This incredibly underpowered machine can somehow run DoomThe Witcher 3, and Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice, to name a few astounding feats. Now it's getting a pair of first-person shooters that, frankly, seem like way too much for Nintendo's little console to handle.


Metro Redux has officially been announced for Nintendo Switch, bringing the first two Metro titles – 2033 and Last Light — to a Nintendo platform for the first time. These games are just as much horror titles as they are shooters in a lot of respects, as you're asked to stalk through the metro tunnels of Moscow in the aftermath of a nuclear war. You'll run into some people on your journey; some friendly, some not. You'll also encounter mutants, and those mutants would like nothing more than to end your life.

The big question we have is, how will Metro Redux perform on the Switch?

The Metro titles have been known to challenge hardware, with Metro Exodus being the most recent example (and a game we probably won't see on Switch). Even though Metro 2033 was originally released in 2010 and Last Light came out in 2013, we still anticipate the Switch versions of these two games will have to make some sacrifices. The resolutions might have to come down, or some details might be lost along the way. We hope, though, that Redux is still able to retain the feel of those creepy entries in the Metro series.


We'll find out in fairly short order if Metro Redux is something the Switch is capable of playing. The bundle is set to release on Feb. 28, and will include the base Metro titles along with all DLC. Digital prices for the titles will come in at $24.99 apiece. We were not able track down, however, the cost of the physical bundle.

As soon as we know more, we'll fill you in.