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Nintendo Switch Ports That Definitely Need To Happen

Let's be real: every time a new impossible port comes to the Nintendo Switch, we say, "Finally, the Switch has everything we want." And then we immediately think of four or five other games that would make a whole lot of sense on the platform. It's the portability of Nintendo's little hybrid — it opens up a whole new world of possibilities when it comes to playing some of the best games ever made.


The Nintendo Switch has The Witcher 3. It has Doom. The BioShock trilogy is probably on its way. You can play Undertale or you can play Final Fantasy 12. But what is the Switch still missing after several years on the market? Which games would we love to see make a jump to the machine? Here's a quick list.

Rare Replay

With Banjo and Kazooie now available in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, it seems like there's no better time to bring their games — and most of the other Rare-developed classics — to the Nintendo Switch.


Banjo-Kazooie and Banjo-Tooie on a Nintendo platform once more? Yes please. How about seeing Perfect Dark and Conker back on Nintendo hardware? Most of what's found in Rare Replay should easily run on the Switch. So why not do it? The ball is in Microsoft's court.

The Mass Effect trilogy

We've seen Skyrim ported to just about every piece of hardware imaginable, including the Switch. Yet one of the greatest RPG trilogies ever created — consisting of Mass EffectMass Effect 2, and Mass Effect 3 — has been stuck in the last generation. Why?


EA and BioWare have taken a lot of flack for the way the Mass Effect franchise has been treated these past few years. Bringing the first three games to the Switch would do a lot to generate some goodwill, and would potentially open everyone's hearts again to the idea of another title. Andromeda didn't live up, but perhaps something new could.

The Elder Scrolls Online

And speaking of Skyrim... seriously, enough is enough, Bethesda. We've played through this game countless times since 2011 and have explored every nook and cranny of it. You brought this title to Switch, yet you passed on offering fans the Elder Scrolls story that never ends?


The Nintendo Switch doesn't have many (if any) MMORPGs, so The Elder Scrolls Online seems like it would be a good fit. The game is already tailored for gamepad controls (thanks to being on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One) and it doesn't seem like the most technically demanding title, either. Let's make it happen, Bethesda.


As we near Super B... sorry... big game time, one sport is egregiously underrepresented on the Nintendo Switch. There are baseball games. There are basketball games. There are soccer games. But American football's premier sim – Madden NFL — is nowhere to be found.


Worse yet, EA's excuse for this seems totally bunk. The company seems to believe that people would rather play Madden on a PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, so a Switch port is pointless. This is the same company, by the way, who manages to toss together a microtransaction-fueled mobile version of the game year after year. Yeah, okay.