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Kingdom Hearts 3 DLC Is Bringing Back This Iconic Mechanic

Dual wielding dudes and dudettes rejoice: Sora can one again swing around two Keyblades simultaneously. This beloved mechanic from Kingdom Hearts 2 was conspicuously missing from Kingdom Hearts 3, but Square Enix seems to have heeded the upset cries of fans. A free update launching ahead of the ReMind DLC will be adding in a new "Double Form" wherein Sora can dual wield once more.


This news comes straight from the developer's mouth, as the official Kingdom Hearts Twitter tweeted two images of Sora in action.

"Recognize the two Keyblades he's wielding?" the account asked. Of course we do! They only happen to be two of the series' most iconic Keyblades. Sora, decked out in a black and white motif, holds Oathkeeper in his right and Oblivion in his left.

Like the ability to dual wield, these two blades were missing from the much anticipated Kingdom Hearts 3. While some players feel this addition is too little, too late, many have expressed their excitement in reply to this announcement on Twitter. Notably, there are a whole lot of gifs featuring the famous moment that Axel yelled, "Two?!"


The ReMind DLC adds in a new story for Sora and the gang alongside some new mechanics and secrets, too. Players will be able to try some high intensity battles with all 13 members of the Real Organization XIII, so maybe this new Dual Form ability will come in handy. If Sora isn't your cup of tea, then you'll find that you can also play as other Keyblade wielders like Kairi and Riku. As for those secrets? The Japanese Kingdom Hearts site has mentioned a "Secret Episode & Boss."

What could that mean? PlayStation 4 players will find out when Kingdom Hearts 3 ReMind drops on Jan. 23. Xbox One players will be privy to this secret, and the new Dual Form, on Jan. 25.