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Doom Eternal Features A Home Away From Hell

Have you ever wondered where Doomguy kicks back after a long day of ripping and tearing his way through the underworld? Well, it looks like Doom Eternal is going to answer that very question. A new report has revealed where the demon hunter hangs his helmet.


GameSpot recently had a chance to play through a hefty three-hour demo of the newest installment in the Doom franchise. One of the more interesting aspects of this demo was the discovery of the awesomely-named Fortress of Doom. While this sounds like the kind of place that Lex Luthor and Black Manta would chill at after a scuffle with the Super Friends, it's much cooler than that.

The Fortress of Doom acts as a hub that the Doom Slayer visits between missions. While there, he can access upgrades by spending currency unlocked by completing various challenges in the game. While these upgrades appear to be similar to those seen in the previous game — powered-up weaponry, more durable armor — it appears that the game will also be teasing us with upgrades yet to come.


GameSpot reports seeing "a giant mech-like" version of the Doom Slayer's armor being constructed within the fortress. Hopefully that's more than set decoration and will see some use during the game. Another floor of the Fortress of Doom contains the Demon Prison, a training ground of sorts. This is where players can practice the Doom Slayer's array of attacks in a more controlled setting.

With the addition of the Fortress of Doom, it looks as though Doom Eternal is set to continue the expansion of the Doom mythos in a big way. This is a relief after the most recent trailer seemed to show off more of the same old thing. 

Players can check into their new digs at the Fortress of Doom when Doom Eternal launches on March 20.