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Could Destiny 3 Take Away All Your Loot Again?

Destiny 2 started with a bang. An attack on the Tower — the first game's hub — completely destroyed all of the vaults containing the weapons and armor players had collected. Of course, this was used as an excuse to reset everyone's progress (a move some did not appreciate). Could Destiny 3 end up taking a similar approach?


A recent quest has some thinking the answer is yes. Warning: there are spoilers ahead.

Last week, Destiny 2 rolled out a mysterious quest that also contained an enormous puzzle. The puzzle required a large-scale community effort to solve, eventually leading players through 30 different doors in a sort of pathway through time. At the end, players reached a room and discovered that a grave contained within belonged to their Guardian, who had died in battle. Most assumed, though, that players would somehow manipulate time in order to prevent that death from occurring.

One player, however, isn't so sure. Reddit user BrownMarxist_ believes the Guardians of Destiny 2 will indeed die, and that will pave the way for a fresh start in Destiny 3.


"Makes sense right?" they posted. "Seeing people say we end up going to a different timeline and saving ourselves. What if they're setting the stage to end our character to start with a character unrelated to our current character?"

You can already hear the groans of Destiny 2 players everywhere. A certain Grand Theft Auto meme comes to mind, as well. But the theory does make a lot of sense. If Bungie is indeed building up to a Destiny 3, that title could offer a vastly different experience than the previous two. Bungie itself has stated that it wants to lean more into the RPG side of things, and that could make carrying over old loot very tricky.

And this is Bungie we're talking about. The studio is no stranger to killing off your custom-created hero. Remember Halo: Reach?

We honestly can't say whether or not this will hold, or if Bungie is even close to releasing Destiny 3. But it's very interesting to think about. Should it all go down this way, we'll be very eager to see how players respond.