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This Classic Star Wars RPG Might Get A Remake

EA is finally giving Star Wars the attention it deserves. After the raucous success of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, the publisher might be considering breathing in new life to a beloved series. Hailed as the best Star Wars title ever, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic might just be getting a remake.


This news comes from sources that claim that devs are hard at work on a KOTOR remake. One of those sources, as reported by Cinelinx, says that this fabled game isn't a remake so much as a "reimagining," almost a sequel. The idea is to "integrate elements from the first two games in order to bring certain things into the current Star Wars canon." The latest and final film in the Skywalker Saga, The Rise of Skywalker, served to bring one of KOTOR's main protagonists-turned-antagonists, Darth Revan, into the current canon.

While this is in no way an official confirmation, fans have gotten quite excited over the idea of a remake. But no everyone shares this sentiment. Those who are loyal to the original games would rather have a remaster with improved graphics that ultimately stays true to what was produced back in 2003. KOTOR was a masterpiece — they don't want it "retooled."


Before we get too excited or upset about this alleged reimagining, though, we'll have to wait for official word from EA. Behind closed doors, devs are allegedly also working on a sequel to Fallen Order. Kotaku's Jason Schreier claims that a Fallen Order "sequel was greenlit before the game even shipped."

Previously, we were sure that a Knights of the Old Republic 3 would never come to be. Developer BioWare was busy with Anthem, and EA seemed ambivalent toward linear, narrative-driven games. That was then, however, and this is now.

We live in a brave new future where Revan was mentioned in the mainline films. KOTOR is canon.  And Anthem is... well, not doing the best. We hope EA allows BioWare to drop the failed Destiny clone and get to work on this reported reimagining of the best Star Wars game ever.