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Doom Eternal Will Feature These Classic Enemies

Doom Eternal is looking to be a love letter to the gory shooter franchise's past. In addition to featuring a storyline reminiscent of the original Doom 2: Hell on Earth, the upcoming sequel to 2016's Doom reboot has a few surprises for longtime fans. Much in the same way that Doom 2016 featured new takes on monsters like the Cyberdemon and the Spider Mastermind, Doom Eternal will bring back some familiar foes from the original Doom 2.


In a short behind the scenes documentary from NoClip, Doom Eternal Game Director Hugo Martin discussed the design process behind the many baddies the Doom Slayer will be facing in the new game. As part of this talk, Martin revealed new monsters like the Marauders and the Doom Hunter, which look to be pretty gnarly. Even more exciting for Doom fans should be the news of which classic Doom 2 monsters would be getting an upgrade.

In the video, we get to see new versions of the floating Pain Elemental, the spindly Arachnotron, the fire-summoning Archvile, and the possessed humans who have become Hellified Soldiers. Each of these baddies has been given new ways of bringing the pain to the Doom Slayer, like the Arachnotron's ability to climb up walls and drop grenades into the arena.


"The opportunity to kind of, like, update these amazing Doom 2 is just so much fun with AAA graphics," Martin explained. "And then to have our modeling team model them, it's just phenomenal. I think if you're a Doom fan, you're just going to have a smile across your face."

Doom Eternal certainly looks like it aims to give fans a lot of what they want. In addition to a new hub world available between levels, the game will feature multiple difficulty modes (including a "one life" mode) to encourage multiple trips to hell. You'll get to blast these new and reimagined foes for yourself when Doom Eternal arrives March 20.