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How Long Does It Take To Beat Journey To The Savage Planet?

Journey to the Savage Planet is an upcoming game that sees players exploring a foreign planet filled with interesting puzzles and bizarre humor. It looks like a lot of fun, so you may be wondering how long it may take you to complete Typhoon Studios' latest project.


According to Typhoon Studios, Journey to the Savage Planet was designed to be a relatively quick experience with an estimated 12 hour runtime. This would presumably help to market the game toward more casual gamers and folks who want lots to do, but maybe don't have a full 40+ hours to give to a title. Now reviews of Journey to the Savage Planet are beginning to be published that more or less back this estimate up. 

Kotaku's Zack Zwiezen states the game can be completed in roughly 10 hours. However, those who enjoy exploring a bit more and checking out the destructible environments may find their play through clocking in at closer to 12 hours. This was seen as a plus in the review, in which which Zwiesen noted, "even 12 hours feel breezy compared to games that ask for 100 hours of your time. Those can be fun, but I'm happy to get more games that I can beat in a weekend."


Meanwhile, GameRadar+'s Austin Wood reported being about 6 hours into playing the game with a 67% completion rate. This would definitely seem to back up the 10-12 hours range. In other words, Journey to the Savage Planet is looking to be a fun casual game for players to check out and complete over a day or two of exploration.

Maybe Game Revolution put it best when it called the game "No Man's Sky for employed people." You can find out for yourself when Journey to the Savage Planet lands on this planet Jan. 28.