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Unleash The Untitled Goose On Your Desktop

What if the Untitled Goose Game was your entire computer? That's the question that inventive developer Samperson, @SamNChiet on Twitter, has answered with his "Desktop Goose." This "downloadable goose-sperience for Windows" unleashed House House's Untitled Goose onto your desktop where it naturally gets into some serious mischief


In the trailer for this... goose-sperience, we see a rudimentary goose running all over a desktop. It doesn't matter what program or window you have open, the goose will get into it and have some fun. This little hellion will steal your mouse, track mud on your screen, and even drag in notes and memes. The meme are, of course, goose themed, but Samperson has made it so that you can supply the goose with whatever images you deem fit.

The goose is getting attention

Unsurprisingly, the goose is getting a lot of attention. Untitled Goose Game was an undeniable hit, and now we can experience exactly how annoying its antics were. Samperson's tweet about his new and dubiously improved desktop experience has gone somewhat viral with 185K likes and 72K retweets. Those who have gotten the Desktop Goose are reporting hilarious problems with focusing on their work. It turns out that it's difficult to get down to business when there is a tiny goose dragging in memes and notes left and right.


Leave the goose alone for too long and your screen will be utterly spammed with memes. If you really need to meet a deadline and don't have the time to deal with demanding honks, then users can turn off their meddlesome goose by holding the ESC button.

Samperson is still working on perfecting this — we'll say it again — goose-sperience on itch.io. As of the time of this writing, the goose cannot hop between multiple monitors and is limited to Windows. Maybe one day the goose will stretch its wings and fly into all computers, monitors, and hearts.