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This Witcher 3 Scene Wasn't Accurate On Netflix For The Silliest Reason

You've probably seen the bathtub scene from The Witcher 3 by now, even if you've never played the game. It's been all over. It reached meme-dom. When word got around of Witcher Netflix series, fans of the game hoped Geralt of Rivia would visit a bathtub at some point. And they hoped he'd recreate this hilarious moment.


He did — but not quite in the way most were expecting. You see how Geralt's feet are somewhat awkwardly hanging over the side of the tub? It seems the plan was for Henry Cavill's take on the character to do the same thing. Except he couldn't... because of the bath.

Cavill dished on the scene in an interview with BBC 1.

"When I was getting into that bath, I was sitting there thinking, 'I wonder if anyone knows how much this is going to explode,' this particular scene," Cavill said. "I was trying to put my feet up, but I couldn't. The bath was the wrong shape. But I thought it might be a bit much, as well."

The Witcher is a hit

It seems mainstream audiences weren't too upset about that slightly flawed bathtub scene, though. Following its launch back in December. The Witcher became the most popular show on TV. That means it managed to unseat The Mandalorian, sending Baby Yoda packing as it grabbed the top spot.


And it looks like there could be more Witcher action heading to Netflix, too. According to Games Radar, there's reportedly a prequel anime movie called The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf in the works. That will dive deeper into the story of Vesemir, Geralt's mentor.

All this Witcher business has been helping out the third entry in the game series quite a bit, too, as The Witcher 3 saw huge numbers following the debut of the Netflix show. That's great news for developer CD Projekt Red, which plans to launch another title later this year in Cyberpunk 2077. Will we get a Witcher 4 after that? Will Geralt's video game adventures continue, as his show's adventures are likely to? We'll have to wait to find out.