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PlatinumGames Just Launched A Mysterious New Teaser Site

PlatinumGames is the studio behind a score of beloved titles. There's the Bayonetta series. There's Nier: Automata. Add Vanquish to that list. And don't forget The Wonderful 101 and Astral Chain, as well. That's a lineup anyone could be proud of — and it sure looks like there's more coming.


Earlier this morning, PlatinumGames tweeted out a link to a mysterious new website, along with the hashtag #Platinum4. The website isn't much to write home about; all it displays is a giant number "4" in white. But it could wind up being the harbinger of some fantastic news for those who enjoy the studio's work. PlatinumGames just got some funding from Chinese games giant Tencent, after all — imagine what it could do with a boatload of cash and a little bit of freedom.

Do we have any idea what the "4" is teasing? Not at this stage. Plenty of folks on Twitter have theories, though, so let's look at some of those.

Let the wild speculation begin

One popular theory seems to be that the "4" represents the number of games Platinum plans to release this year. Fans, however, are a little torn about what exactly those titles could be. One Twitter user believes we'll see Bayonetta 3, a remake of the original Nier, a comeback of The Wonderful 101, and the previously teased Babylon's Fall. Another guess swaps out Nier and Babylon's Fall in that list for Vanquish and Scalebound, of all things.


The predictions get stranger. One person believes that — counting the different Japanese versions of the first Nier — we'd now be on our fourth game in the series, and that PlatinumGames is hinting at Nier 4. Another followed that up by raising the possibility of a Drakengard 4. The Drakengard series, mind you, does share a universe with the Nier series. In light of Nier: Automata's success, that would be an interesting road to go down.

We're unsure when PlatinumGames will provide more details about the number "4" and what it means for the studio's future. As soon as we have some solid information, we'll get it in front of you.