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This Switch Exclusive Is Piloting Onto PC

"Exclusive" doesn't really seem to mean "exclusive" these days. Previously, Daemon X Machina was branded as a Switch exclusive, but this big mech adventure will be coming to Steam on Feb. 13. Cancel your Valentine's Day plans folks; you've got a robot to pilot. 


Daemon X Machina is all about fighting robots: stylish, intricate, devastating robots that your character controls with their heavily modified bodies. Pummeling mechs together has never been so flashy. It's a brand new IP that paired together the power of veteran designers Kenichiro Tsukuda (of Armored Core fame) and Shoji Kawamori (who put his mech designing skills to good use for Super Dimensional Fortress Macross). Players must equip their mechs with the best of the best weapons to survive the new, apocalyptic landscape of Daemon X Machina.

What does The Witcher have to do with it?

Daemon X Machina has gotten lukewarm reviews. It's fun, but nothing special. That said, Daemon X Machina gathered some serious attention following an unforeseen crossover. For whatever reason, CD Projekt Red decided it would be permissible if The Witcher 3's Geralt and Ciri piloted their own mechs. It made sense when the two characters traveled to Monster Hunter: World. Fighting monsters is kind of the only thing witchers are supposed to do, after all. But fighting mechs? Unexpected, but oddly delightful.


Daemon X Machina is unexpectedly making its way to Steam, bringing with it all the content updates and DLCs – yes, Geralt and Ciri are along for the ride. Other updates include competitive multiplayer and the ability to dual your buddies robo-a-robo. (That's one-on-one in robot.) On top of all this is a main story campaign and side quests galor; it turns out that there's a lot going on in the apocalypse. The story will give you some respite from all the explosions, missiles, gatling guns, and more explosions, but not for long: Daemon X Machina is all about the action.

All that action is out now on the Switch, but will be coming to Steam Feb. 13.