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BB-8 Is Hilariously Overpowered In Battlefront 2

If you thought Darth Vader was overpowered then you're in for a surprise. Even the most deadly of Sith and skilled of Jedi are no match against... beach ball droids. This week, the adorable BB-8 and the slightly sinister BB-9E were added to Star Wars: Battlefront 2, thoroughly surprising players. How are they supposed to win against stormtroopers and Jedi as itty bitty droids? Easily, as it turns out.


These little guys are fast, furious, and all about offense with abilities like Rolling Charge and Cable Spin. Remember that one time in The Force Awakens when BB-8 used a web of cables to hold himself up? Now imagine those cables smacking you in the face. That's the kind of attacks these droids ruthlessly throw at other players in multiplayer. The First Order droid BB-9E packs a similar punch with his Shock Prod, a weapon that's exactly as unpleasant as it sounds. You wouldn't want to meet this droid in a dark alley, or in a multiplayer match of Battlefront 2, for that matter.

Players are having a hard time reckoning with the power of these otherwise puny droids.

Darth Vader is scared of BB-8

Battlefront 2 players have been sharing their encounters with these overpowered enemies via Reddit. We've seen clips of Vader running scared from peppy, little BB-8, as well as BB-9E destroying both Luke and Rey in moments. Their aforementioned abilities make them hard to handle, but it's mostly their speed and surprising agility that turns these droids into killing machines. Their round bodies roll at an unmatched velocity, knocking into average players before they have a chance to react. Such a small, low target is difficult to aim at, as well.


Players seem to be mostly enjoying these ridiculous additions to the game, but some were skeptical at first. After the announcement that the BBs were coming last December, there were some salty posts saying that it made no sense. Droids beating stormtroopers? Droids trying to attack Lord Vader? Absurd. 

But hey, it is a video game, and there were also those who welcomed the idea. One poster said, "I would throw a party if I see Vader die to a soccer ball." It's party time, because the BB units in Battlefront 2 are hilariously overpowered.