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The Biggest Changes To Apex Legends Season 4

Apex Legends Season 4 has arrived, and it even comes with a subtitle: Assimilation. We can't say for certain why that name is attached to the game's new season — though we'll likely find out at some point — but we do know this latest update brought a whole bunch of changes to Respawn Entertainment's battle royale shooter.


If you were hoping for new content, you're definitely getting it. There's a highly sought-after character now available as the game's latest Legend. The World's Edge map has been given a drastic makeover, and looks nothing like the space players battled on last season. And if you like loot, there's a brand new Battle Pass full of items that allow you to customize your weapons and your favorite characters.

We've assembled a rundown of the major changes you'll find in Apex Legends Season 4. Read through, learn what's available, and then get out there and play.

A new Legend: Revenant

As Rihanna says, "This is what you came for." Fans begged for Revenant as a playable character in Apex Legends, and were extremely disappointed to learn that Forge would be joining the roster instead. One televised assassination later, players got their wish: Revenant is the newest competitor in Apex Legends Season 4.


He may also be one of the most interesting characters we've seen added in quite some time.

Revenant is a former human hitman who is now something far, far different. He's a mix of metal and flesh; a dangerous adversary who knows how to kill, but is programmed to forget just about everything else. He brings some very unique skills to the table, including the ability to scale walls and the power to keep teammates from dying. He'll almost certainly be a popular choice for players throughout Season 4.

Whether that popularity holds is another question. For now, though, expect to see a whole lot of Revenant.

The enormous Planet Harvester

Like most live service games, Apex Legends has gotten very good at keeping things fresh. Players will gladly jump down onto a brand new map when it first comes out, but what about weeks or months later? Most of the excitement will fade, which is why developers tend to introduce changes. It shakes things up.


The World's Edge map in Apex Legends now has a enormous piece of machinery splitting it half. It's called the Planet Harvester, and it's meant to — in the words of developer Respawn — make "each drop, rotation, and gunfight feels as fresh as possible."

The enormous crack caused by the Planet Harvester has now created two different versions of Capitol City: Fragment East and Fragment West. Players can drop on either side and experience what feels like two totally different locations. That — along with a slew of other alterations to World's Edge — should make this previously familiar place feel more new and unknown. And by the time you feel like you've mastered the changes made to the map, a new season will come along and totally upend your understanding.


It's the live service circle of life, folks.

Yet another new Battle Pass

A new Battle Pass in a new season of Apex Legends? That's never happened before! Okay, it has. It's happened every season since the game's Battle Pass was introduced, and it'll likely continue to happen in the future. The Battle Pass keeps Apex Legends free and Respawn Entertainment funded.


Not only that, it gives players an opportunity to earn some sweet, sweet loot.

You'll find all sorts of new weapon skins, emotes, loading screens, and taunts to earn in the latest Apex Legends Battle Pass. But really, all of that takes a backseat to some of the cool character skins you'll pick up. Do you want that awesome-looking Blue Steel Crypto? Fight your way up the Battle Pass ranks. Does that Cyber Punked Wattson really speak to you, as it should? Reach the appropriate level and it's all yours.

You'll of course have to pony up a little bit of cash for the Battle Pass. But if you do that, you have a whole season of content to grind for.