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If Cyberpunk 2077 And Minecraft Had A Baby, It Might Look Like This

Justin Timberlake didn't write a song about "bringing cyberpunk back," and maybe that's for the best. But ever since we got our first look at Cyberpunk 2077, it seems quite a few other titles have used CD Projekt Red's upcoming adventure for inspiration. There are now a slew of cyberpunk-themed games in development, including one on the way that mixes the neon-future aesthetic with the look of another blockbuster you might be familiar with.


How does "Cyberpunk with the graphics of Minecraft" sound? If you like that idea, Cloudpunk might pique your interest.

Believe it or not, Cloudpunk dares to say it wasn't looking toward Cyberpunk 2077 when it first got sketched out. Instead, the team behind the title credits other works like Firewatch and Kentucky Route Zero, stating it puts more of a focus on story. We're definitely interested in exploring this ultra trippy, impossibly tall city. But what should you expect if you actually play Cloudpunk? Let's find out.

What Cloudpunk hopes to deliver

"Your name is Rania," the game's description reads. "This is your first night working for Cloudpunk, the semi-legal delivery company based in Nivalis. Explore dense, vertical landscapes that reach high into the clouds and deep down through the ocean waves below, as you meet characters ranging from Androids and AI to unscrupulous humans at every level of society."


Delivery driver sure doesn't sound like the most exciting job in the world, but it seems you'll be doing a lot more than just helping packages reach their destinations. There are apparently all sorts of "mysteries" to solve, hidden items to locate, and stories to uncover. And if the description is on target, the decisions you make in the game will actually have consequences that ripple throughout the experience. Pretty weighty stuff for a cyberpunk city built out of voxel blocks, don't you agree?

We'll have to see if the tone of Cloudpunk isn't a bit much for its look when the game launches. We don't have a solid release date for this one just yet; all we know is that it's headed to PC sometime in early 2020, and PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch later in the year. In the meantime, here are some other cyberpunk-themed games you can check out.