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Another Microsoft-Published Game Is Coming To Steam

With the creation of Xbox Game Pass for PC, Microsoft seems to have all but given up selling games in the Windows Store. Steam, though? That's another story. Gears 5 recently made its way to Valve's shop, as have other titles like Halo: ReachQuantum Break and ReCore. Now one more Microsoft exclusive is looking to capture a wider audience on Steam – State of Decay 2.


The news comes as part of an announcement for State of Decay 2's Juggernaut Edition update. According to developer Undead Labs, the patch will add a whole new map for players to scope out and scavenge, as well as some updates to the game's control scheme and graphics. More importantly, it'll put State of Decay 2 on the world's biggest video game storefront for the first time, and it'll do so "with cross-network play across all platforms."

Yes, that means you can play State of Decay 2 on Steam with someone who's using an Xbox One. That is pretty darn cool.

Steam is still missing quite a few Microsoft titles

We know putting games on Steam isn't a process that happens overnight. That said, there are still a few franchises Microsoft hasn't seen fit to put on Valve's store just yet. Some you could probably do without. Others will have you wondering how Microsoft could leave such glaring holes in its Steam catalog.


For instance, did you know there isn't a single Forza game available on Steam? This is true despite the fact that Microsoft has been releasing its racing titles on PC for the past few years. Forza Horizon 4 would probably sell like gangbusters if it got a Steam release. So far, that hasn't happened.

Sea of Thieves is also conspicuously absent from Steam. This being a live service title, especially, you'd think Microsoft would want it to be in front of as large an audience as possible. Perhaps we'll see this one in the future.

And yes, even though Gears 5 came to Steam right at launch, there are still two other Gears games that exist on PC, yet are missing from Steam. Gears of War: Ultimate Edition is a remaster of the first game in the series; one that could potentially do well with Steam's huge player base. The other is Gears of War 4, which enjoyed a simultaneous launch on both Xbox One and PC, yet hasn't been given the Steam treatment just yet.


It sure seems like Microsoft is leaving some money on the table by keeping these titles tied to Xbox Game Pass and to the Window Store. Maybe we'll see that addressed at some point. Or maybe Microsoft believes keeping some titles away will drive more Xbox Game Pass signups. We're honestly not sure.

Should another Microsoft title reach the Steam storefront, we'll let you know.