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Games That Lost Almost Their Entire Twitch Base Within Months

Sometimes viewership on Twitch offers a good indicator of the health of a game. Are people playing it? Is it entertaining enough to watch someone else play? Due to this, fans get understandably worried when viewership plummets and suddenly no one on on the platform seems interested in streaming a game. While not guaranteed flops, minimal views and a lack of attention have laid these games low.


Anthem was burned from the beginning

BioWare's futuristic Anthem struggled from the start. It had a confusing launch, and earned an unfortunate reputation as a Destiny clone despite entering production before Bungie's own space shooter. 


These fumbles reflected rather harshly in Anthem's viewership numbers on Twitch. At first, tens of thousands of gamers flocked to Anthem streams to see what all the hubbub was about. When they discovered a mediocre and bug ridden offering that wasn't anything like BioWare's previous work, they bailed. The views ticked down from thousands, to hundreds, to embarrassing double digits

There's good news on the horizon for Anthem, however. BioWare announced that it would like to try again and really make the game something that fans will enjoy. There is a massive overhaul underway that will be much bigger than a mere update or expansion. Whenever Anthem 2.0 launches, it is sure to attract some attention on Twitch. Hopefully those viewers stick around this time.


World War Z was dead on arrival

Some people say World War Z was dead on arrival. The zombie shooter didn't elicit much hype, quietly releasing on the Epic Games Store. The only thing it did stir up was controversy: gamers were feeling rather sour about Epic Games Store exclusives at the time. Still, people were curious as to what the game was like. That's why World War Z enjoyed a peak of 133,000 concurrent viewers on Twitch when it first released. 


Unfortunately, that number quickly crashed. Within two days, viewership fell to a dismal 26,000 viewers. Today, World War Z is the proud host to just a few dozen viewers at any one time.

Teamfight Tactics is fighting for views

Is Riot Games' Teamfight Tactics dying? If you look at Twitch viewership numbers, it might seem so. The auto chess battler enjoyed a huge surge in popularity following its launch last summer. Interest seems to have waned, however.


At its peak, Teamfight Tactics had over 90,000 views hosted by a little over a thousand channels. Those viewers were quick to drop off. By December, there were less than 20,000 viewers checking out what Teamfight Tactics had to offer, and just a few hundred channels interested in streaming the game. It's a real pity considering how cute those Furyhorns are.