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How Long Does It Take To Beat One Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows?

One Punch Man is an interesting take on the superhero genre: imagine an absolutely unstoppable hero... who also happens to be a nobody. Despite having seemingly unlimited power and the titular ability to defeat anyone and anything with one punch, protagonist Saitama is kind of a loser. But now he's a loser with his own video game.


One Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows is a fighting game that incorporates many of the elements from the anime its based on. That means there are a whole lot of fights. The moment Saitama shows up, however, typically spells the end to a conflict — he can take out enemies with one punch, after all. 

This speedy resolution seems to be reflected in the game's runtime. The main campaign of One Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows only lasts around 8-12 hours. If you're a completionist looking to achieve the max hero rank and do all side quests, then you're looking at up to 30 hours of play.

The reason the game lasts 8 hours rather than 8 minutes is because players typically won't control Saitama. Rather, you'll play and fight as characters like Genos, Saitama's protege. Genos is a cyborg that's super powerful in his own right, but even he can have some trouble taking down the beefy villains from the anime.


Although you can unlock most characters and content by playing the short but sweet main campaign, there will also be season pass content that introduces new characters with new powers as the year goes on. Right now, Bandai Namco plans to release the martial artist Suiryu in April, followed by more characters in spring and summer. 

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