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How To Steal Fortnite's Security Plans From The Yacht, Shark And Rig

Season 2 of Fortnite Chapter 2 is all about secret agents, spies, and this really beefy cat for some reason. Players have been recruited to join one of two different agencies pulling the strings behind the curtain: Ghost or Shadow. Whichever strikes your fancy needs your help in taking the other one down. That means engaging in some super secret, super smooth espionage. 


The final challenge you need to complete to unlock the Brutus skin asks you to pull off a heist: steal security plans from the enemy. There are three different strongholds available for infiltration: the Yacht, the Shark, and the Rig. Don't worry, here are all the details you need to slip in and out of these fortresses with all the grace and skill of James Bond himself.

Stealing the plans from the Yacht

You may have noticed there's a big, swanky yacht parked in the water near the Steamy Stacks. This is where Agent Meowscles and a whole lot of NPC henchmen are hanging out. That said, there is a way to slip in and out without detection, if you're quiet and careful enough. 


To get aboard the yacht without alerting the crew, you'll have to swim or boat up to the first level of the vessel. Even though it might seem loud, cut your way in from the exterior and then proceed inside. You'll find the server that contains the security plans just past the kitchen. 

From there, you just have to deliver these ill-gotten goods. Each faction has installed some convenient mail boxes around the map, so you can dash over to the Steamy Stacks parking lot and mail the plans to the faction of your choice.

Stealing plans from the Shark

Phone booths are another neat new addition to the game. These aren't just any phone booths, however. They allow you to don a convincing disguise that will be key to infiltrating the Shark. The Shark is an island base in the northwest area of the map, a kind of bungalow populated by still more henchman and Skye, the island's de facto boss. You can avoid her and quickly find the security plans by stealing into the cave entrance. It's shaped like a giant shark's mouth, so you can't miss it. Then scurry upstairs and locate the server room near the main atrium — all while remaining super sneaky, of course.


Once you've grabbed the plans and made your escape, you can mail your findings to your favorite faction via the aforementioned mailboxes in the Steamy Stacks parking lot or find the matching pair located in Pleasant Park. It's up to you, agent.

Stealing plans from the Rig

The Rig is the oil rig that has been erected in the water just west of the Slurpy Swamp. It is, naturally, populated by henchman who probably wouldn't like you stealing much of anything, let alone secret plans. Be wary of these guys, and of TNTina, the boss of this area who happens to have an ... explosive personality.


In one of the buildings, you'll find the servers that contain the security plans. Snatch these up and then scram back to the mainland to deliver the goods. Remember, you can only pick one Brutus skin. Where do your loyalties lie: with Shadow or with Ghost?