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Is Iron Man VR Open-World?

Soon you'll have the opportunity to step into Tony Stark's expensive shoes and experience what it's like to be Iron Man. The Iron Man VR will capture the essence of being a superhero, making the process up close and personal. When you put on the PlayStation VR headset, you will, effectively, be putting on that famous helmet and gaining the powers of flight, plasma blasts, and Tony Stark-brand sass.


Sounds exciting, right? Those lucky enough to play demos of this delayed title have described Iron Man VR as an absolute blast: with the caveat that it is not quite an open-world. According to this feedback, the game gives its players a lot of room for exploration; however, the gameplay is ultimately mission-based and thus won't let you fly too far. Unlike Marvel's Spider-Man, players will have to stick to the task at hand.

That said, Iron Man VR is not the on-the-rails VR experience some thought it was. Although the original trailer doesn't seem to give the player a lot of control, the actual gameplay is apparently different. Players will be able to zip around wherever they like to blast enemies. They just have to remember to keep themselves in the sky: those palm blasters double as the only way Iron Man remains airborne. While the sky isn't exactly the limit, there is enough freedom in the Iron Man VR game that players might not notice, or even mind, that it isn't a fully-fledged open-world. 


Developer Camouflaj has also mentioned some side quests that might add to the feeling of an open-world. These quick missions are the bread and butter of other open-world games, so the addition should make players feel like they have more control in terms of what they want to do and when. Ultimately, Iron Man VR is not an open-world, but the team has taken steps to make it feel more flexible.