Twitter Reacts To The Final Fantasy 7 Remake Demo

As the release date for Final Fantasy 7 Remake draws closer, we were beginning to wonder if we'd be able to try this beauty out for ourselves. Well, our prayers were answered, as the demo for Final Fantasy 7 Remake dropped by surprise yesterday.


And this isn't just any meek demo; the file for this one is a whopping 7.55 GB and runs around an hour in length. The demo follows our hero Cloud and his teammates as they attack the Mako Reactor 1 and do battle with the Scorpion Sentinel mech. In other words, it faithfully recreates the first mission from the original FF 7.

It appears as though Final Fantasy series fans on Twitter are already head over heels with the new version of this classic game. One user called it "absolutely amazing," adding, "Not gonna lie, I choked up a few times, it's such an amazing recreation of a game that's so important to me."

Specifically, fans are enjoying the gameplay of the remake, which features a combat system that is nearly a complete overhaul from the original version. As one fan tweeted, the "changes to the combat felt more engaging" than in the classic game. Another user tweeted that the action in the game was "super fun and super flashy."


Others are applauding the visuals of the game. One fan referred to the graphics as "breathtaking," while another wrote, "Gameplay and pre rendered CGI are indistinguishable, cutscenes blend seamlessly ... the world looks amazing."

These opinions seem to be reflected in a report from The Verge's Nick Statt, who got to spend a few hours playing the remake at a Square Enix event last month. Statt writes, "I walked away impressed with not just how new and fresh everything felt, but also how much of the original game's spirit felt intact."

Another thing that people seem to be enjoying quite a bit is the dialogue in the demo, which helps to keep the grim mission at hand a little more lighthearted. Happy Gamer's Kevin Kessler remarked, "I've played many a JRPG over the years, and sometimes the localization teams lose something in the translation from the original Japanese. Here, I think they did an amazing job. I was happy with all of the dialogue."

There were a few dissenting opinions, however. Some folks, like Kotaku's Chris Kohler, felt that the game throws too much at players at once. As Kohler tweeted, "I have basically zero idea how to play that first boss fight. A million interlocking systems all thrown at you at once."


Aside from a few lukewarm comments, the response to the Final Fantasy 7 Remake demo has been overwhelmingly positive. It appears to be hitting all the right notes for most fans of the series. The story appears to be given a proper amount of respect and fans have been wowed by the graphics and combat. We're thankful for this little taste of the remake, because it'll make the wait for the delayed game a little less excruciating.