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Nemesis Keeps Making Things Worse For Resident Evil 3 Fans

Things are about to get a whole lot scarier in Raccoon City. The latest issue of Official Xbox Magazine reveals some new and interesting details regarding the Resident Evil 3 remake. These were shared on Reddit by AestheticGamer, a noted source for leaked video game information. It was AestheticGamer who originally tipped fans off to the idea that Resident Evil Resistance was in fact related directly to the Resident Evil 3 remake, so we've kind of come to expect them to know what's up.


The original post has since been removed by Reddit moderators, but we can glean some of these leaked details from the comments on the thread. Longtime series fans might be excited to learn that some of the mutated creatures that haven't been seen in the series in quite some time will be returning. These include the giant spiders, which were removed from the Resident Evil 2 remake, as well as the mutated crows that have previously been hinted at by Capcom. This is great news for fans who may have been worried about the Resident Evil 3 remake ditching some the goofy B-movie enemies of the original.

Perhaps the wildest detail is the confirmation that Resident Evil 3 will make sure that no one is safe from the big bad Nemesis. While Mr. X was a major concern in the Resident Evil 2 remake, being basically invulnerable to attacks and relentlessly pursuing players throughout the Raccoon City police station and the Umbrella Corporation's secret laboratory. However, it was possible to hide from him by ducking into a safe room. Mr. X could not follow Leon or Claire into these rooms and then it just became a matter of waiting for the monster to leave, his signature music fading away as he did so.


That's not an option in the remake of Resident Evil 3, however. According to these new details, safe rooms are anything but in the new game. If Jill Valentine retreats to a safe room, Nemesis is still capable of busting right in to deal out some swift zombie death.

The reactions to this bit of information has been mixed. While some are excited by the prospect of Resident Evil 3 dialing up the level of danger from its predecessor, others are concerned that this will make the new game either too difficult or too frustrating.

Most fans, however, are practically salivating at the idea. As one Redditor wrote, "glad they're taking a long hard look at Nemesis and his stalking. There's nothing more annoying than an enemy that's constantly on your ass, making you rush through a game and not enjoy the atmosphere. Looks like they're trying to balance him to where he's an almost constant threat but not overbearing."

Since the official announcement of the Resident Evil 3 remake, Capcom has gone out of its way to show fans that the Nemesis of this game will be unlike anything we expect. Even those of us who think we're pretty familiar with the original game may yet have some major surprises in store for us. For instance, Capcom has released concept art showing how Nemesis was created by the Umbrella Corporation. These images depict Nemesis escaping from its captors, which seems to hint that the version of Nemesis seen in the remake will have a much more tragic origin and presentation than we're used to.


If Nemesis is indeed more of a tragic figure in the remake, then heightening the level of danger surrounding it is the best way to ensure that players don't think twice about unloading their clips into the beast when it rears its ugly head.

Elsewhere in the thread, it is discussed that Raccoon City will undergo some changes in size: "Raccoon City is a LOT bigger than it's been previously. They designed a lot of the city, it's not open world but they designed it so you can explore quite a few streets and even stores and buildings of the town, and have multiple paths through the city to take." There is also an implication that the remake may have some form of fast travel available to players, who will be able to use the city's subway system as a hub between areas. This will likely be much appreciated, considering how hard its going to be to escape from Nemesis in the new game. Anything that makes the player move faster is a good thing.

We're sure to hear more details about the looming threat of Nemesis as the Resident Evil 3 remake's release date lumbers closer.