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How Does The Gulag Work In Call Of Duty: Warzone?

Among the most interesting features in the newly-launched Call of Duty: Warzone battle royale game, we have the Gulag. As explained by Activision, this prison is where players find themselves upon their first defeat during a match in Battle Royale mode. 


Unfortunately for the folks in the Gulag, their time served there isn't as simple as just waiting it out until they are released. The fight isn't over when you're defeated. Instead, players will then be pitted in a 1v1 fight to the death inside the Gulag against a fallen combatant from the opposing team. Whoever is victorious within the Gulag will be revived and sent back out to rejoin their teammates on the battlefield.

Activision's official description of the Gulag explains that you will have to wait your turn as you watch other players fight for their survival in the Gulag. "Win in the Gulag and earn redeployment back into Verdansk," reads the description. "Lose and hope that your squad completes Contracts and earns enough in-match Cash to redploy you."


Prior to the release of the game, the only video we had seen of the Gulag came to gamers courtesy of YouTuber Chaos. Though that video was swiftly taken down, it survived in TikTok format and has been the subject of much debate among the COD Reddit community. 

Most fans seem to agree that this is an interesting addition for a battle royale title that may set Warzone apart from other games of its type. As one Redditor mentions, "This is a pretty innovative way of getting [respawning] to work. I know you can get back up from a downed state in Apex, but it requires a certain item and a long time to pull off, making it useless in most cases."

As mentioned before, the Cash system in Call of Duty: Warzone will enable some players to revive their fallen teammates. However, doesn't this just feel like an altogether cooler way to bring yourself back from the brink of defeat?