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Twitter Reacts To Ninja's Awkward Warzone Stream

Another day brings another beef between streamers. This time, a match in the newly-released Call of Duty: Warzone led to a bit of a blowup between Ninja and Nadeshot.

During a stream yesterday, Ninja had already been taken out and Nadeshot was left on the battlefield. As Nade commandeered a vehicle to figure out his next move, Ninja began ripping into Nadeshot, saying his teammate was "doing absolutely nothing."


This definitely didn't sit well with Nade, who told Ninja to shut up. Things only got more heated from there, with fellow teammate TimTheTatman telling Ninja to let Nadeshot play how he wants to play. A clearly agitated Nadeshot remarks, "Tyler, luckily you're not playing, bro — I am ... Do I need to have you here [to] tell me that I'm not playing the way that you want me to play?"

The stream ended not long after this, when the team finally lost the match. However, tensions clearly rose during the brief time the two were playing together. Even the Twitch user who isolated the clip of the argument felt like things got unnecessarily heated, titling the clip "Ninja seems fun to play with..."

The argument has generated quite a response on Twitter as well, with several viewers weighing in on the debate. In a surprising turn of events, the majority of the responses seem to be in Nadeshot's favor. The general consensus seems to be that Ninja shouldn't have tried to be so controlling during the match, but should have tried to be more of a supportive teammate. It also seems that Ninja has been carrying on like this quite a bit since he began playing Warzone.


"Backseat gaming for real," said one user. Another chimed in with, "That's ninja for you. Thinks he's the best at all games so he can't do any wrong in them."

Others have unfavorably compared Ninja's usual game of Fortnite to Warzone, with one fan writing that Ninja "Sounds a bit salty he can't mash on the keyboard in this game and build a fancy castle."

Along this same line of thinking, fans of Nadeshot are quick to point out that Call of Duty has always been the streamer's sweet spot as a professional gamer. "Who went pro in this game? Oh that's right Nade," tweeted one fan

Yet another added that Nade might have been better served by having someone else on his team, suggesting, "If @Nadeshot plays with ninja again I am not watching ... Get @CouRageJD or @cloakzy in there with @timthetatman."

Even folks who tend to enjoy Ninja and his content have taken issue with how he handled this entire situation. As one user tweeted, "I respect everything that Ninja has done for the gaming community. But these past few days seeing him play Warzone with Nade have been annoying. Homie consistently dies and then backseats Nade as if he knows best. Like dog, YOURE [sic] DEAD. Let Nade play how he wants to play."


This isn't the only time in recent months that Ninja has gotten heated during a match. He recently had a falling out with his longtime Fortnite Duos partner Reverse2k. This seemed to be a long time coming, especially when one considers the exchange the two of them had when Reverse2k began needling Ninja over his move to Mixer. That stream culminated in Ninja swearing at Reverse2k and demanding an explanation for Reverse2k's comments.

In light of these blowups, one can't help but be reminded of Ninja's recent comments regarding the competitive nature of video games. Just last month, Ninja tweeted, "The phrase 'it's just a game' is such a weak mindset. You are ok with what happened, losing, imperfection of a craft. When you stop getting angry after losing, you've lost twice. There's always something to learn, and always room for improvement, never settle."

This caused backlash from many in the gaming community who found this statement to be problematic in a number of ways. Some saw it as a toxic viewpoint, glorifying aggression in lieu of graciously accepting defeat and just enjoying the experience of gaming. It does appear that Ninja approaches gaming with a very "all or nothing" attitude, true to his word. Even when faced with defeat during Warzone, it seems that the streamer refuses to back down and has his own specific ideas about how certain games should be played.


It's likely that Ninja and Nadeshot's professional relationship will continue after this little tiff, but it's still an unexpected (and unpleasant) thing to see go down between two noted streamers.