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PewDiePie Makes 'The Worst Mistake Ever'

PewDiePie is no stranger to the world of Minecraft. Last year, the YouTuber celebrated the huge milestone of crossing 101 million subscribers by livestreaming the game for 12 hours straight, an incredible feat even for the most hardcore Minecraft fans. Still, even an old pro can make a huge mistake in one of their favorite games.


At the very beginning of last Friday's video, Pewds started things off by hilariously telling fans that he had made a horrible error.  His face in his hand, PewDiePie told viewers, "I have made the worst mistake ever made in Minecraft. Do you hear me?"

As PewDiePie frantically shows viewers Sven, his loyal in-game dog, he begins to jokingly apologize to the pooch. He then takes viewers over to another area where a group of dogs are situated around a newly-arrived dog. Following a few moments of making disgusted sounds and pained faces, it is here that Pewds explains what has transpired.

Apparently, in an attempt to create more loving hounds in Minecraft, PewDiePie set Sven up with a hot date. It was only afterwards that he realized the dog that Sven mated with was his own son. The resulting puppy is looked upon as an abomination that PewDiePie cannot even take seriously. 


He literally calls the resultant dog "a child of Satan." Then he briefly entertains the idea that the dog might now have supernatural powers that will allow it to predict the future. This is the first real indicator that this video is going to go completely off the rails, even by PewDiePie standards.

At one point early on in the video, PewDiePie tries to tell anyone who will listen, real or otherwise, that he didn't mean to make the mistake that he did. Hilariously, the moment that he began telling his horse, the creature turns away from him in the game. Not even his faithful steed believes him. It's clear that his mistake must be rectified, no matter what the cost.

What follows is a chronicle of PewDiePie's attempts to do just that. At one point, he holds a bow up and threatens to fire an arrow into the dog. He then considers dropping the dog into lava. All the while, the YouTuber is clearly amused by his own overreactions, consistently apologizing to the audience as he explains to the unfortunate dog that this is just how it has to be.

"Trust me, this is not easy for me either, alright?" he says to the dog. The dog, for its own part, looks from side to side in uncertainty. It all paints a fairly dark scene that still manages to be pretty funny.


The video eventually devolves into a rampage in which PewDiePie attempts to somehow make up for his misdeeds. This naturally involves him attacking random animals and blowing up several structures with dynamite. His motivations for this are hilariously muddy, thanks to years of building up his own bonkers Minecraft mythology through his YouTube channel.

It seems as though PewDiePie has lost none of his chaotic magic, even after stepping away from YouTube for a little over a month. While PewDiePie may have lost a bit of revenue during his break, he still racked up tons of views on his older videos, showing that his fans were patiently waiting for new content. They didn't have to wait long for his return to Minecraft, either. A little over a week ago, he uploaded his first Minecraft video in a while. One glance at the comments for that video, however, is all one needs to realize that Pewds' audience caught his doggy mistake well before he did.

PewDiePie's fans are likely very happy to see the YouTuber return to Minecraft, even if things did get completely insane almost immediately. This is all part of the relationship PewDiePie has with his fans. He's just as crazy about playing games and making silly content as his fans are about watching it. 


As PewDiePie's longtime editor Sive Morten said when PewDiePie took his break a few months ago, "He's unironically addicted to making YouTube videos. The whole thing about 'Hey, I enjoy making videos,' he really does enjoy it."

This attitude toward making videos can clearly be seen here. PewDiePie latched onto a hilariously awkward moment that his fans noticed in a previous video and made an entire video about the consequences of that weird thing. The results are terribly entertaining, but hopefully Pewds learns a lesson from this. It's not exactly one of the all-time great romance stories in gaming.