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Where Do I Find Deadpool's Katanas In Fortnite: Chapter 2?

While you were distracted by that shiny new Ninja skin, Marvel's Deadpool snuck into Fortnite: Chapter 2. Wade Wilson has made a little Avenger's campus of his own in the main menu. To find it, and by extension the challenge that will eventually reward you with his iconic costume, you need to hop into the air vent in the Battle Pass main menu.


Deadpool's high tech hideout is frankly a mess, as expected of the fourth-wall-breaking antihero. It seems he has appropriated a bathroom, complete with a toilet paper stockpile. Even though this base of operations is pretty ... basic, there is a computer there through which you can access challenges from the man in red himself, one of which involves using his signature katanas to do some damage to other players' structures. Sounds like fun.

To get in on this fun, you'll first have to find the twin katanas in question. True to Deadpool style, they've been placed in an unlikely location. Or maybe he lost them. You can never be sure with this guy. Nevertheless, you'll need to go to the Battle Pass main menu and go into the Upgrades Vault, where you'll see many weapons on display, including a couple of katanas piled haphazardly on the left. Snatch those up and you're ready to take on the latest of the Deadpool skin challenges


With your newly found weapons, you'll need to destroy some opponent structures. To do so, join a game and get to swinging to carry out Wade Wilson's bidding. This particular challenge might be the least strange of those issued so far. Since the start of Season 2, Deadpool has asked players not to thank the bus driver, destroy some toilets, read a rude letter, and find his lunch. 

Carrying out these demands will, eventually, lead to the the coveted Deadpool skin. If you're one of the players craving the costume, good luck and be careful — those katanas are sharp!