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The Best And Worst Weapons In Call Of Duty: Warzone

You'll want to be well-equipped before entering combat. In the latest battle royale to hit the scene, Call of Duty: Warzone, players will have to quickly seek out the best weapons and discard the worst. It's a matter of life or the Gulag, after all. Everyone can get in on Warzone, even those who haven't played Modern Warfare or any other Call of Duty game. This means some players are going in without a clue as to what equipment will best serve their needs. 


Here's what you need to know about the best and worst weapons in Call of Duty: Warzone.

Best: Origin 12

The Origin 12 is a semi-automatic shotgun, which might not seem like the best of weapons, but it's use will quickly become apparent if you ever find yourself indoors. While the Warzone map is sprawling, covering a whole city and then some, there are plenty of buildings that you could be cornered in.


When that happens, you'll need to fire off some rounds. Fast. The Origin 12 can fire off eight rounds in quick succession in its most basic configuration. This will easily mow down anyone trying to send you to the Gulag in tight hallways. Heap on the mods and get up to 25 rounds before needing to reload? You're as good as gold.

Worst: FAL

The FAL is kind of a fail. It's easily outranked by sniper rifles. As a designated marksman rifle, it's an okay weapon, but the recoil on this thing makes it a nightmare. Every single shot feels like it's in slow-mo. This weapon needs a good amount of modding before it can be realistically used for the medium-range skirmishes it was made for. Rather than putting time and effort into making the FAL into a decent weapon, ditch it for an assault rifle or a better sniper rifle.


Best: Kar98k

As long as you don't mind playing the sniper, the Kar98k is a great weapon. Find a quiet spot and watch as the Kar98k takes out opponent after opponent. This thing deals a significant amount of damage in a single shot, making it easy to thin the crowd before everyone figures out your location.


Even then, the Kar98k deals so much damage you won't have to worry about the weakened enemies coming after you. They'll be easy to take out after miraculously surviving a shot from this beast of a weapon.

Worst: MG-34

It tracks that one of the most common weapons in the game is also one of the most lackluster. The MG-34 is a spray and pray-type light machine gun, which isn't exactly a reliable strategy. You have to pray because this particular gun slows down your movement speed, and firing it proves unpredictable, too. It has one of the longest reload animations in the whole of Warzone, rendering players into sitting ducks as they painstakingly replace the magazine. What's the upside of the MG-34? That's hard to pinpoint, as it's easily the worst gun in the game.


Best: MGL-32 Grenade Launcher

Grenade launchers give players a giddy sort of power. These weapons of considerable destruction can take down enemies with one hit. What's better than that? Having ample ammo for one thing.

That's what is so lovely about the rare-but-wonderful MGL-32 grenade launcher. It has six rounds and another six to spare, allowing you to really get a feel for its range. The MGL-32 isn't the best when it comes to range, but after figuring out how to arc your shots, you essentially become a one-man tank. With the power of this grenade launcher, you can wipe out entire teams, making it one of the most coveted weapons in the game.


Worst: Crossbow

Crossbows have a couple perks. They're quiet, which is ideal for situations that require stealth. But in Warzone, gunshots are ringing out every which way. Maybe firing off some silent bolts will give you a momentary advantage, but playing the ninja isn't going to keep you out of the Gulag for long.


To take advantage of the crossbows perks, you have to be an expert player willing to hide and hide some more. It's not great for close quarters, nor is it handy for long range situations. You have to find the absolutely perfect spot to use the crossbow, and you might get yourself killed on the way. This is why relying on this unorthodox weapon isn't recommended.

Best: AX-50

The AX-50 is perhaps the most forgiving sniper rifle in all of Warzone. Its high speed firing action easily outclasses any and all other bolt-action rifles, allowing players to take a second shot if their first one fails. You don't have to be an expert marksman to pick off a couple players with your handy dandy AX-50. Therefore, it's a good weapon to cut your teeth on. Consider the AX-50 as a good start to your career as a Warzone sniper.


Worst: X16

Okay, maybe it's unfair to pick on this little pistol, but it's important for newbie players to know that the X16 pistol they're given at the start of the game will be more of a hindrance than a help. Players would do well to try to switch out this weak weapon for another one ASAP. The ammo it eats up would better suit just about any other pistol, because the X16's range is downright pitiful. There aren't really any attachments to make the X16 a worthy weapon either. Ditch the X16 as soon as the opportunity presents itself. Your team will thank you for it.


Best: MP7

A MP7 might be all that stands between you and victory. For the majority of the game, submachine guns aren't recommended. But when the circle starts to close and enemies become too close for comfort, the MP7 will prove its worth a thousand times over. Its 60-round magazine means minimal reload times, supporting players through numerous close calls. Considering all this, the MP7 is easily the best SMG in Warzone and your new best friend in the end game.