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Rockstar Updates The GTA 6 Sites

What does a website URL redirection have to do with the next entry in a huge video game franchise? Absolutely everything if the game in question is Grand Theft Auto 6. We've been feverishly looking for signs that Rockstar will indeed reveal the next Grand Theft Auto soon, and thanks to Reddit, we have one of the more promising developments in quite some time.


Reddit user bozidarilic gets the nod here, as they discovered yesterday when examining gtavi.com and gta6.com that Rockstar has altered the redirection of those URLs. The addresses no longer forward to the website for Grand Theft Auto 5, but instead, go absolutely nowhere.

gtavi.com does not redirect to Rockstar Games site anymore. Site updated today... from

Very interesting.

We know what you're probably thinking: why would dead URLs offer any clue whatsoever about Rockstar unveiling a new game? It's the belief of some that Rockstar is readying the Grand Theft Auto 6 website for an impending announcement. Once GTA 6 is officially made public, Rockstar would then bring the game's website online and make it accessible at those aforementioned website addresses


All that ties into a rumor that's been flying around recently that Rockstar has some kind of announcement planned for Wednesday, March 25. When you pair that rumor with the quiet changes Rockstar just made to its GTA 6 domain names, you can start to see some smoke. Is there a full blown fire right now? Not even close. Is there enough here, though, to make Rockstar worth watching over the next few days? The answer to that question is feeling like an emphatic "YES."

If there's anything at all that gives us pause right now, it's the fact that both Grand Theft Auto 6 domain names are set to expire this year. The renewals could be set up to happen automatically as their registration end dates draw near, in which case, this isn't a big deal. There exists the tiniest possibility, however, that we're all misreading the situation.

Maybe Rockstar stopped redirecting both URLs to the website for Grand Theft Auto 5 because it has no intention of using them anymore. Maybe they'll be let go when they expire in May and July. Maybe the next Grand Theft Auto isn't a numbered game. Or maybe there just isn't another Grand Theft Auto in the works, and we're setting ourselves up for some major disappointment.


It's not totally crazy to think the Grand Theft Auto franchise could go on an indefinite hiatus, after all. With Rockstar co-founder Dan Houser leaving the company, another installment in the series would lack both his leadership and his writing talent. Houser lamented in the past that another GTA might be impossible because of the current political climate being "beyond satire." That could dissuade others from tackling a new entry.

On top of that, Rockstar makes plenty of money from GTA Online right now. Rockstar and parent company Take-Two may not be in a hurry to replace that cash cow with something totally new and unproven.

With a highly contagious virus ravaging the world outside, though, there's nothing wrong with leaning into a more positive spin on the news. No one will blame you for wanting a new Grand Theft Auto, so if you want to view those domain name changes as a sign another game is on the way, you can go right ahead.

There have been plenty of other rumors about Grand Theft Auto 6 actually being real. Some have posited that the next GTA will incorporate locales from past titles. Others believe an entirely new city is in the cards. Some purported leaks have stated that Grand Theft Auto 6 is a next-gen title and won't be seen for a few years. Others have gone so far to suggest the next GTA could be a timed PlayStation exclusive, which would undoubtedly irk many fans of the series on Xbox.


Regardless of what is true and what is false, it's undeniable that the Grand Theft Auto fan base is hungry for another game in the franchise. There's money to be made if Rockstar wants to follow the highest-earning entertainment product of all time in GTA 5, and a chance the company could do even better with GTA 6. Players will undoubtedly be keeping a close eye on Rockstar over the coming days to see the studio drops any other clues. And if a Grand Theft Auto 6 announcement actually happens — well, you can expect the internet to explode. It'll be that big a deal.

We'll be on the lookout for any other GTA-related news items that happen to surface. Should we find some, we'll make sure you're updated as quickly as possible. Until then, keep crossing those fingers.