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The Most Bizarre Warzone Glitches

Call of Duty: Warzone is the battle royale of the moment. The game can get seriously intense: 150 players drop in, and only one gets out alive. In between the start of the game and that ultimate victory, dozens of players fight for their lives and struggle to find the gear that will keep them from being easy targets. Warzone has received heaps of praise for its replayability and inventive map, but like all games, it has its issues.


A glitch first revealed the fact Warzone was on the way, and now glitches persist after its launch. Some are downright hilarious, while others are incredibly frustrating. All of them are — as is often the case — weird. Here are the most bizarre glitches in Call of Duty: Warzone.

Flying trucks are a new hazard

The Warzone map is so huge it warrants the inclusion of a variety of vehicles to get around. This lineup includes helicopters, ATVs, and armored trucks. While riding in style might give you a speed advantage, it also makes you a larger, more noticeable target. This is exactly what happened when a truck found itself stuck on some rocks, seemingly easy prey for the player who had lured it there. 


While the truck revved back and forth, trying to vault over the rocks, the enemy player unloaded into its side. These bullets had a strange effect, and seemed to make the truck lighter and lighter until it was floating. Then, taking the high ground, it pounced like a mountain lion and absolutely decimated its would-be destroyer. 

You can check out the glitch for yourself. Maybe it will make you reconsider attacking a truck in its natural habitat.

The blackhole eating up players

The blackhole glitch reads like something straight out of a creepypasta. Unlike rabid trucks, this particular glitch is more frustrating than funny, more horrifying than hilarious. Players have repeatedly experienced this mysterious phenomenon in the middle of games: out of nowhere, a pixelated black box swallows up their point of view. It grows to cover the whole screen, often leading to their death. How are they supposed to spot the enemy through this cloud of blocky darkness? 


Strangely, this glitch can occasionally recolor the world in black and white or even black and pink. It's a genuinely bizarre bug  that has yet to receive a fix, much to the frustration of players like Reddit user Survilus, who have reported that it follows them into every game. Hopefully, this will get patched soon.

What's in the bunkers?

Scattered throughout the Verdansk map are many points of interest, but the most mysterious are easily the bunkers. The bunkers are locked, and appear to only be accessible through a secret code that players have yet to crack. What could be inside? Weapons? Vehicles? Vault dwellers? Unable to help themselves, players have found a way to glitch inside to uncover the secret of the bunkers. What they found might shock you ...


Nothing. Using drones to glitch into these bunkers, enterprising players were surprised to find that after a short, dim hallway, there was nothing to be found. In fact, the world just kind of drops off behind the bunker doors. Clearly the devs have yet to develop whatever secret is supposed to be inside the bunkers, but for now the empty bunkers remain as a bizarre glitch in the Warzone map.