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How To Not Break Tools In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is easily one of the most relaxing games out there. While it does provide challenges and goals, players are free to take their sweet time when it comes to accomplishing anything. The only snag you might hit while fishing, digging, and chopping is a broken tool. Players have found themselves frustrated with these fragile tools, claiming the mechanic ruins the chill vibes of their islands.


Tools in New Horizons have limited durability dependent on the quality of resources put into crafting them. Flimsy axes will break after 40 swings. Regular axes will deteriorate into dust after 100 uses. Note that tools are only diminished by successful uses: fishing rods won't break if you don't manage to catch the fish.

Typically, after a tool has kicked the bucket, players will need to rush off to the nearest DIY bench to craft a new one. Sometimes this means first crafting a flimsy version and then upgrading it into the more sturdy iteration. Wouldn't it be nice to just keep your standard, sturdy tools and not have to recreate them over and over? There are two solutions to this problem: either jump through some serious hoops and earn yourself some Golden Tools or use a hack recently discovered on Twitter.


Here's how to increase your tools' durability: customize them. A player discovered that if you use a customization kit to give your tool a fresh new look, this will create a new item ID and negate any damage to its durability. Essentially, if you feel like your axe might break soon, just change its color and it will be as good as new. This way you can use fewer resources and maintain your tools for fewer Bells. Plus your tools will look cool. This hack, so long as Nintendo doesn't patch it out, is a win-win all around.