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How To Unlock All Weapons In Doom Eternal

There are many standout weapons in Doom Eternal, including the iconic BFG and the sinister Unmaker. Rather than seeking out each and every one of these weapons, wouldn't it be nice to just unlock them all at once? There's a cheat in Doom Eternal that does exactly that. 


No need to enter in any secret codes or hack the game. There's a handy little floppy disk lying around that will give the you the Weapon Mastery perk. This is one of many cheat codes scattered throughout the game that allow you to unlock game-changing abilities like Infinite Lives, Infinite Ammo, One Shot Stagger, and more. 

The Weapon Mastery cheat is similar to the IDKFA cheat, a callback to original Doom, which had a hack that unlocked all keys, weapons, and ammo. What does "IDKFA" stand for? Well, that's up for debate. But you can find Doom Eternal's IDKFA cheat code equivalent. Here's how to track it down.

Where to find the Weapon Mastery cheat code

The Weapon Mastery floppy disk is located in the Arc Complex level. This is the sixth mission in the game. You'll find the usual zombies and imps, but also mancubi swarming this abandoned vestige of humanity. There are office buildings, lobbies, and even a gift shop to explore. 


Your concern, if you want the Weapon Mastery cheat, will be the convention center. Once there, locate the broken window on the right. Outside is a scrap of metal you can use to monkey bar into the next building. You'll have some baddies to defeat, but the room you land in is where you want to be. 

Once the demons are slain, you'll find a hole in the center of the room. Drop down into it and the confetti will fly in congratulations because you have just earned the Weapon Mastery perk. From there, you're free to use any weapon your heart desires. This cheat would pair nicely with Infinite Ammo, guaranteeing maximum carnage.